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Is there a rhyme or reason for our site? We think it has more rhyming than reason, but honestly what defines this site are the people who use it and the tightly knit community.

These days with things like Facebook and Twitter making it much harder for people to read long passages of text (like these), we wanted ALTTABME to be accessible to someone who just wanted to browse and also to those who want to become more involved, having rewards for both. We want the community to push the site forward, whether it be implementing new and exciting features inspired by your input or simply banding together with the community to rally the troops!

We have designed the site around the idea of being 100% interactive. But what is interaction without a purpose? We want to deliver a full bodied experience beyond what existing social media sites have offered. We challenge you to games, intellectual conversation, and provide opportunities for accomplishment as you challenge us to keep ALTTABME as the site you need to TAB out of at work, in order to actually get shit done.

We all have one common love here and that is games. Since the first MMO experience offered, Ultima Online, no matter the patches, the success, or the longevity, there was a very strong tie that brought everyone together every time; a place to come home. In that game it was player housing that made you really feel like you owned a piece of the world you lived in. ALTTABME is what we consider to be that modern twist on housing. Your posts, avatar, status updates, and persona define who you are! You can venture into our War Section and battle for glory, but when the smoke clears, the rest of the site is here to house your achievements and personality.

We have always found that internet anonymity is fun if you decide you want it. Our site lets you show people who you are, but it also allows you to lurk and have that internet persona, especially if you just want to talk with your friends but work for the government. (They block Facebook! ...they may be onto something.)

So if you curse, who cares?! If you poke fun at someone because they're being stupid, so be it! At the end of the day, you are who you have to see and face up to. So you choose how you live here. We like to think of it like a coffee shop scenario where you can write poetry, listen to poetry, perform poetry, or just have some coffee and take a load off on a comfy couch.

Don't get us wrong, there is a fine line between blatant idiocy and just being yourself. And we recognize that, because ultimately what makes a place feel like home is the people around you. Do not abuse the perks that come with internet anonymity to attempt furthering penis (boobie?) size. We may have sand and castles but no one likes a mouth full of it, or a used condom in the eye. (Our childhood playground experiences may vary...)

ALTTABME is here to provide a place to create new close relationships that can turn into long lasting friends and family of all shapes and sizes, in a more interactive way catering to the needs of us older folk who enjoy hearing a voice on the other side of a phone and those who find comfort in the sound of a text message arriving every six seconds.

Be it joining the [TAB] community in one of the many games we play such as GW2, Planetside 2, Minecraft, and so on, or going completely ape shit in a rant, joining us during a live stream, or particpating in a podcast, we want to make sure you can always come to ALTTABME and know that the community will be here for you to enjoy.



Ultimately you are here to:



Be Yourself

Express Yourself

Be part of a community

Play Games Together

Join our ranks!

Handle Yo’ Shit




Enjoy your stay!

TLDR version:

Some general Rules and Guidelines
"Expense of Others" - this equates to "Drama"

Here is our policy on "Drama": Everyone gets a chance to recognize their fuck up, talk to the person, and work it out on their own. We are all adults and expect everyone to behave as such. No "he said, she said"s. However, if the conflict cannot be resolved independently, the site's admins and officers are always available to help mediate, so please reach out to them. We understand this happens. But keep in mind that we are not the hands of God; if we as officers wanted to take that path, we would keep our distance and act all holier than thou, and probably wouldn't have days of naked chat roulette with everyone. But we want YOU as family, too.

So basically, handle yo shit.

We have used this methodology since we first made this site many years ago and as you can see through the relationships of the core members, we are good friends in-game and in real life. This is what we hope for everyone who joins our family.

We will not be changing our policies, so please respect one another. We come here to unwind from our daily lives, so make a conscious effort to be nice to one another. We will all jab and poke fun at one another, and members of this site are REQUIRED to have a thicker skin, but we have always believed that it is because we don't want you to filter who you are, your opinions, and thoughts.

Just remember we didn't get a viral video from 50+ Charr arguing on Vent. We got it for HAVING FUN.

"We are men and women of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times." - Everett Dirksen


There are very few things that we do not tolerate on this site. We all joke around and we enjoy good company (you!). Sadly, every now and again we must alter our procedures in order to keep order. We have a few rules that will result in immediate expulsion from the the site and any community you may have joined, in addition to making us sad pandas.

1. Any racist slurs or incredibly insulting comments referencing sexual orientation or other sensitive issues towards another member on this site or in any games that we play while representing ALTTABME, or even just in general. Yes, some of us joke around but there is always a boundary that should never be crossed. If you are repeatedly offended after asking someone to chill or knock it off, LET AN OFFICER KNOW. We will handle any situation accordingly.

There are certain terms we would strongly prefer you not use, but understand they are ingrained into the gaming culture(e.g., the word for sexual assault, fag, gay). While we do not want to censor you, we ask that you be considerate and mindful of your use of these terms, as they are don't need to be how we portray ourselves.)
Dec 6, 2012
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