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  1. Zeta Deus

    Zeta Deus

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    Age (must be 18+)

    Do you have any friends in the guild? If so, who?

    Main Character
    Zeta Deus

    Character Name
    Zeta Deus



    What role do you wish to play in the guild? For example: PvP, PvE, Casual/Social
    I would say 60% PvE and 40% PvP. I absolutely love the PvP, no doubt there, but I also love the lore aspect of Guild Wars 2. In any dungeon raid or guild event, I would definitely try to join in as I love playing as a group rather than roaming Tyria solo.

    Which previous MMO's or online games have you played and how long for?
    I tend to play F2P MMOs just because I do not have the monetary resources for all those subscription-based MMOs. However, I do play games like Dragon Nest, World of Tanks (not anymore), Cabal and Battle of Immortals. I sincerely hope that my lack of experience in MMOs does not be a detriment to recruiting me.

    Were you a part of a guild? What was your experience?
    Yes. The Sentinels was a guild in Guild Wars 2 Beta that played in Stormbluff Isle. Although they were a nice and helpful to the guildmates, they did not cooperate effectively and efficiently as a team in WvW, which is one of the virtues that I seek for my preferred guild.

    How did you hear about the Guild?
    The video about 50+ of you guildies jumping off the diving board! BTW, loved it!

    What will you bring to the ALTTABME community? (Chatty? Skilled? Funny? Helping?)
    If I were to be categorized in my gaming style, I would probably place myself as a social butterfly/explorer/lore enthusiast in PvE. I love games that allows you to wander off into the distance and learn about the lore and story behind such universes. However, PvP makes all that different doesn't it? In PvP, I would definitely try to maximize my chances to stall or defend (Hence, the guardian profession) key control points that would mean either victory or defeat for my team. If my team does not push the envelope to what I see is necessary to win, I would try to transition my role as a defender to a more aggressive stance.

    Will Arcanix be the only guild you join?
    Yes. Unless this application does not work out :(

    Is there anything else you would like to throw in here at the end?
    Despite living in the United States of America, my hometown is actually located back in Indonesia, which I would suppose accounts for my bad english (sorry!). Additionally, I am a college student, so I might not be free due to exams.
  2. Gyoin

    Gyoin Over Analystical Extreme Gambler

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    Have you had any guild experience outside of just the beta weekends for GW2? Any clans or solid groups formed in any of your F2P games?
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