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  1. Zephyr


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    Age (must be 18+)

    Do you have any friends in the guild? If so, who?

    Main Character

    Character Name
    Zephyr (Hopefully)


    Elementalist (maybe Ranger)

    What role do you wish to play in the guild? For example: PvP, PvE, Casual/Social
    I like being involved in a bit of everything but I’d have to say I’m leaning towards WvW and the PvP side of things. I like hanging out and raiding with guild members and the randomness that occurs more than the single player mission side of things

    Which previous MMO's or online games have you played and how long for?
    I started with WoW a bit after it started up and played that for about a year or so and then moved onto a few other MMOs here mostly online ones. I also played the original Guild Wars for about 2 years. When SWOTR came out I played that for a while too, maybe 6 months, but got frustrated with the bugs and lack of PvP mechanics and issues the game had.

    Were you a part of a guild? What was your experience?
    Yes in all of the above games I joined at least one guild. Most were good experiences and one a really good one in the original Guild Wars. A friendly, well balanced guild makes all the difference. Being a part of a guild like this can make or break a game playing experience. In WoW one guild I was part of was like a militaristic dictatorship; don’t listen and do what the leader/officer said or made one little “newb mistake” and people lashed out at you. I didn’t stay too long there.

    How did you hear about the Guild?
    Complete random chance. I’d like to say it was because of the awesome and well produced youtube videos or the podcasts (all podcasts should include a frosty beverage) but it was totally random. I was looking through the guild list at GW2guilds.org and picked Arcanix out of the list. I clicked on the link to the forums/community and read through the forums, watched the videos and podcasts and really like the mentality of the community.

    What will you bring to the ALTTABME community? (Chatty? Skilled? Funny? Helping?)
    I’d really just bring me, barring any of the labels above. I really like the social aspect of MMOs working with other people for raids, PvP, WvW, etc. I guess I could bring some strategy to PvP and WvW especially. I really like the large scale strategies and tactics as well as character building and what would work best together for certain gameplay styles. Events are also awesome and I’d love to help plan at least a few or help out planning. I think helping out new guild members and anyone that wants help or ideas. Why be elitist? I know the few people that have taken the literally few minutes to explain some things has made all the difference in learning new games.

    Will Arcanix be the only guild you join?
    Yep, with a job and a few other things going on playing with one group would be more than enough.

    Is there anything else you would like to throw in here at the end?
    The middle ground mentality of the guild is awesome. Like a medium rare steak you have the best of both worlds: good solid MMO experience and skill but enough easy going beer drinking dudes, and weird chat conversations to make it enjoyable.
  2. Zakis

    Zakis War Priestess

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    I have never been called a steak before, not sure how to respond to that.
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  3. Gyoin

    Gyoin Over Analystical Extreme Gambler

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    Yeah, you're not very attractive so you're not used to being looked at like a piece of meat... I mean, neither am I, so it's understandable.

    But back to the app... On the fence. Kinda leaning towards -1 tho... Just feels kinda bland.
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