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  1. Zack


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    Zack Smith

    Age (must be 18+)

    Do you have any friends in the guild? If so, who?

    Main Character

    Character Name



    What role do you wish to play in the guild? For example: PvP, PvE, Casual/Social
    I wish to PvP but would not mind the PvE system its something I would enjoy doing and i enjoy teamwork its always been something I enjoyed and always willing to learn what to do better then I did last time.

    Which previous MMO's or online games have you played and how long for?
    I have played World of Warcraft for six years and I enjoyed for the years that I played it.

    Were you a part of a guild? What was your experience?
    I was part of a guild that was PvE focused though we had a PvP group and my overall experience is that the GuildMaster didn't really care for anything he just showed up when he did and didn't make up events for us to do.

    How did you hear about the Guild?
    Through Tr1age's streams/Podcasts been following Tr1age since APB and always enjoyed his commentary and willingness to play with viewers and just have fun.

    What will you bring to the ALTTABME community? (Chatty? Skilled? Funny? Helping?)
    I will bring my willingness to learn and become a better player and to help my fellow guildmates that ask for me to help i will do my best to help where i can.

    Will Arcanix be the only guild you join?
    Yes, it will be the only guild that is worth joining

    Is there anything else you would like to throw in here at the end?
    The reason I don't have a character name is because I never got to play GW2 and didn't know if I was supposed to make a name for what I would hope it would be or not is why I did that,Also the reason I sent in this application is because I couldn't find how to edit my last one, But I do hope that I can be helpful to the guild and that I look forward to having the guild to talk to and have a great time with GW2. I tend to be on a lot and will do the best I can to be helpful where and to who ever I can be i'm not the best or will I act like I am and will take any hints or tips that Somebody will give me and learn what I could of done in a better way.
  2. Zakis

    Zakis War Priestess

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    Sorry but I am not really feeling either of your apps. Kind of sparse -1.
  3. Gyoin

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