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  1. yogismo


    Achievement Pts:

    Age (must be 18+)

    Where are you from? (timezone)
    US Eastern

    Do you have any friends who are Members? If so, who?
    Demetrio, Exis, Fishsticks

    Character Name(s)

    What games do you wish to play with the alttabme community?

    Class/Race(if applicable)

    What role do you wish to play in the guild? For example: PvP, PvE, Casual/Social
    Casual PvP and PvE

    Which previous MMO's or online games have you played and how long for?
    WoW - 12 months, TERA - 9 months, Neverwinter - Couple of weeks now haha (using it to fill my time until Wildstar comes out).

    Were you a part of a guild? What was your experience?
    Played TERA with Vendetta... but after a while not enough people kept with the game and it was absorbed by another clan, which I wasn't really excited about so I did not complete my official application to join the new one.

    How did you hear about the AltTabMe?
    My friends who joined to play Wildstar.

    What will you bring to the ALTTABME community? (Chatty? Skilled? Funny? Helping?)
    I like to think I'm pretty laid-back and helpful to newer players. I like to play seriously enough that I can see progress but don't take myself too seriously that I get upset or frustrated over things.

    How much time do you spend a week on games?
    10-15 hours.

    Is there anything else you would like to throw in here at the end?
    Seems like a great community here, would love to play with you guys.

    Have you finished all of the prerequisite requirements?
    Yes (I read and replied to the rules, I understand I must be active on the forums to stay on the roster, and I have a minimum of 1-2 posts(other than this application), and I made sure those posts weren't just bullshit)
  2. tr1age

    tr1age [Community Leader] Butterflies!

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    I get that you all are friends. But only one of you has actually put time into an application. I get a little info from your Introduction on the introduction page, but other than that this is what I see:

    Loves Wildstar

    And that is it really.

    We are not a community based on Wildstar. We are a community first and we will happily play Wildstar when it comes out. But if Wildstar didn't exist would you still be here? I am not gathering yes on that.

    Why don't I let the other officers chime in on this as well because I just don't know yet, since this is 2 out of the friends that didn't do a proper app after being here long enough to have at least gone over some of the approved apps.
  3. TIG


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    I would like to know more about you when it comes to the app. Anyone is free to come and be part of the community as much or little as they like, but when it comes to applying to the guild we will have in a game (gw2 right now and nonexistant in WS till launch) we really want to know you better.

    When WS comes out and we are actively recruiting we will be way more strict on apps and this one would be an auto deny. We did really well in GW2 to make a guild that had people who enjoyed playing with each other because of this.

    I would say, participate more and show us your personality either through the site or with a more fleshed out app.
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