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  1. XxxVoidxxX


    Achievement Pts:

    Age (must be 18+)

    Where are you from? (timezone)
    Maryland (EST)

    Do you have any friends who are Members? If so, who?

    Character Name(s)

    What games do you wish to play with the alttabme community?
    Wildstar - FFXIV

    Class/Race(if applicable)
    Mordesh -Spellslinger

    What role do you wish to play in the guild? For example: PvP, PvE, Casual/Social
    Ranged DPS/ Healer. PVE Mostley. When i get bored i indulge in a bit of PVP. I am not casual at all allthough i would say i am casual. End Game Content is what i strive for.

    Which previous MMO's or online games have you played and how long for?
    World of Warcraft 90 Warlock 90 Monk Healer 90 Arcane Mage. Since Vannila just canceled my account recently. Waiting on FFXIV
    Rift- Archer- Cleric. Max level - Got bored with the Content
    SWTOR - Sorc - Healer Assassin - Tank a year or so- Left because (IMO) content was broken.
    Tera -50 Sorcerer 3 months- Stll play on an Occasion
    GW2 - Elementalist, Necromancer and some tank class type lol- 8 months maybe a year- All max level
    Firefall - Beta
    FFXIV - Beta - Mage ....Before and most recently
    FFXII- 3 years Summoner, Blue Mage, Redmage Max level Raiding
    Lotro- Lormaster and a Champion Max level

    Were you a part of a guild? What was your experience?
    Still a memeber of The Old Timers Guild just looking for a more active guild.
    Been in this guild since before the launch of Lotro. Its a blast. Only mature +25 members. Great bunch of people just not enough guild presence in any 1 said game.
    Hard to get dailies,instances raids done with no one to do them with.

    How did you hear about the AltTabMe?

    What will you bring to the ALTTABME community? (Chatty? Skilled? Funny? Helping?)
    I am super active on forums, Mumble always LFG. always chatty. My humor isnt funny to all but i make myself laugh lol. Aways willing to help if i can. I am a goal minded person so once i set myself out to do something i dont stop till i acmplish the mission. Always trying to make myself and those around me more effecient. I am also an altaholic and ave always loved crafting. If you have the mats ill make whatever it is you need, If i have the mats .. Dont worry about it.

    How much time do you spend a week on games?
    25 hours a week 30 hours plus or minus on the weekends

    Is there anything else you would like to throw in here at the end?
    I had read to, read the apps that had failed, however what i thought i had down was suffecient. Thank you for your time in correcting me and reviewing my second attempt.

    Have you finished all of the prerequisite requirements?
    Yes (I read and replied to the rules, I understand I must be active on the forums to stay on the roster, and I have a minimum of 1-2 posts(other than this application), and I made sure those posts weren't just bullshit)

    Enter the Code so we know you read the rules
  2. tr1age

    tr1age [Community Leader] Butterflies!

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    No. Fully denied. Are you kidding me? Obviously NEVER read anything. Not the right password, not getting to know us as a community. Rushing your app. Dunno what you think this accomplishes? You realize these apps and posts you make help us to get to know you and you us so we do not over saturate with names and avatars? It also shows us who will put in the time. This has been made clear here.

    So please feel free to enjoy the community site, but we will not be accepting you to [TAB].
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