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    We really wanted to address ALL VAPERS Beginner and Advanced in regards to what the best vaping products are. But make sure you only have to buy them once and are good to go. No buyers remorse or need to upgrade later. No holds bar! Future proof!
    You will have everything you need right at the start ad will never have to buy more again! This is what we believe to be the best in not only design, but package, bang for buck, taste, clouds, and ease of use especially for those trying to quit smoking. No one wants to hassle with something when they are trying to switch from something familiar to something new and often confusing, only to then learn it is useless a week later if they make it through the transition process!
    Not only that we wanted to walk you through from package to assembly, so you know what it takes to start vaping quickly and efficiently!
    As well we wanted to pick a starter kit that had expand-ability for when and if you wanted to upgrade in the future!
    One stop shop for all my vape gear (they price match):
    All the items listed in this video as well as their updated successors.

    UPDATE:The DNA 200 in this video has been updated to the newest DNA 250 Chipset 3 battery MOD (same price as the DNA 200 in video but newer and better!) I will keep the links updated so you will always have the latest and greatest!
    Lost Vape Triade DNA250 TC Vape MOD:
    Crown 1:
    Crown 1 Coils: (I like the .25 coils)

    Crown 3:
    Crown 3 Coils: (I like the .50 coils)


    Battery Charger:


    The Reuleaux DNA 200 has been discontinued, I have replaced it with the newer version (triade) above. It is even better and has the DNA 250 upgraded chipset I was talking about. If you can find the older one they are the same price regardless, SO I suggest the one linked above as it is the same exact Mod just with newer features, more wattage, and the same price.

    (Thank you for helping support this channel by using the affiliate links)
    About us:
    This is the beginning of bringing you on the journey of Vaping again for 2017.
    You can follow all videos and articles at:
    Vendors if you would like to get your product recognized or if you have a product you would like me to review, you can contact me at

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