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    Greetings, and welcome to the AltTabMe (TAB) community! There is a wealth of information available to help you navigate our website, and this guide will help you find everything you need to get started!

    Please reach out to someone if you have more questions! Likely, even after all of this information, you may still need more guidance. We were all new once and can definitely help you get acclimated to our awesome community.

    Section 1: The Important Stuff


    Check these out to learn more about who we are!

    Section 2: #TAB 2.0


    Do you want to impress us with your website savviness? Then check this thread out for tips and tricks!

    NEW features include:
    • Did you know logging in every day earns you credits to buy cool stuff? Check out our TAB swag in the shop! Supplies are limited, so grab your favorite collectibles today!
    • Arcade games to compete for achievements!
    • Embedded chat box with improved functionality, this is a great place to meet new members and see who is online and ready to game!
      • Some of the awesome chat commands: !d20, magic8ball, mumble password, and so much more!
    • You can embed from almost ANY WEBSITE, including Kickstarter, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Don't see the embed you need? Ask an admin! Don't know the admins? Then go here!
    • Profile cover images for more flare and personality!

    Section 3: The Forums!


    Do you want to keep the discussion going for days, months, and even years?! Then post something on the forums! Here are a few ideas to get you started:
    • Do you like to game? Well so do we!
    • Don't know where to start? Well why not introduce yourself!
    • Sometimes you just need to talk it out. Start a rant!
    • Are you brave enough to let us ask you anything?
    • Adding a # in your thread title will expand your reach by posting directly to the AltTabMe twitter page! HASHTAG AWAY!
    • Bookmark your favorite posts to come back to them later!
    • Click on the fa.PNG icon in the text editor to access our awesome font library! It spruces up any post, guaranteed!
    • Did you know when posting a new thread, similar threads with that title pop up so you know if you are making a duplicate or not!

    Section 4: Social Networking Designed for Gamers


    Facebook is so 2004. We take networking to the next level with tons of ways to connect with other gamers.
    • Click to see Games we currently play
    • Have you looked at your own profile lately(click your name in the upper right)? See your latest achievements, inventory, posts, likes, and more!
    • Are you a member yet? Why not?! Members get extra perks!
    • Hover over anyone's forum avatar to see their gamer tag information and TAB collectibles!
    • Posting a status on someone else's profile updates on the sidebar!
    • Did you know the green circle by an avatar shows if a member is online? Stay connected and play games together!
    • Add threads to the calendar to organize gaming events, competitions, meetups, and much more!

    slide (11).jpeg
    Do stuff on to unlock achievements and rack up achievement points, then show off!

    Most achievements are earned by performing typical site activities. Locked achievements appear faded until discovered or "unlocked". Discoverable achievements' icons and text descriptions remain hidden until the achievement is unlocked. Special achievements are exclusive and behave a bit differently, as they are always visible. Unlock more achievements to earn more points!

    Your achievements are displayed on your Member Profile for all to see.

    Want more information? Check out the Achievement Help tab.

    Section 5: Arcade Games Galore!


    Remember when forums used to have really cool arcade games to play in web browsers? Well we have that too!
    • Leader boards for every game
    • Compete with your friends (or foes!) who beat your high score
    • A different game is featured every month - compete for unique achievements!

    Section 6: TAB Shop is now open for business!


    Do you like shopping for one-of-a-kind collectibles? Or do you want to customize your member experience! Then visit the TAB shop today! Click on the icon on the upper right of your menu bar.
    How do I earn TAB credits?

    Almost every action on the forums rewards you with different amounts of credits.
    • Posting new threads
    • replying to threads
    • getting replies to your threads
    • and so much more.
    Just participate and you will be rewarded!

    This awesome feature is to reward users for participation and allow them to either indulge in the above or even purchase a premium account without ever spending a dollar! Learn even more here!

    Section 7: Mumble (voice communication)


    We use the Mumble voice chat software to communicate while we gameā€¦ because typing and pwning is hard.
    • Download Mumble here
    • Type "mumble" in Chat for TAB server info
    • You can also click the sidebar mumble box to join the server if you have mumble installed.

    Make AltTabMe what YOU want it to be!

    Did we miss something? Or do you have a good idea for an event? Feel free to reach out to any community leaders for additional assistance! We have built this infrastructure to help facilitate your great ideas with all resources at our disposal!

    AND you can submit content by creating your very own FAQ!

    P.S. Like what you see and want to help support the efforts it takes to maintain this community? Check out the perks of becoming a Premium Member today!

    P.P.S. Here is a special podcast where we talk about(albeit a bit off topic here and there) TAB 2.0 and what it means to be on!
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    This is now live!

    Thank you MilleudaMilleuda for getting this in order and everyone for the input to get it to where it is now. If you have further suggestions on how to make this great or are a new user and think something is missing or confusing here, please let us know!
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    Now that i have spent some time here. Maybe a list of the cool chat commands you have.
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    Updated good suggestion.

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