The Vaping Experience Beginner's Guide to Vaping: THE BEST STARTER KIT & HOW TO SET IT ALL UP!

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    This is the successor to the extremely helpful video we posted 2 years ago:

    Have a friend looking to switch from smoking to vaping? Or maybe someone who is just overwhelmed by trying to vape? This video breaks it all down in a way that is relate-able to everyone who has the first time Vaper Jitters. Please feel free to share it with your friends who need the assistance!

    We really wanted to address the new and intermediate vapers in regards to what starter kits bring to most the table. This is what we believe to be the best in not only design, but package, bang for buck, taste, clouds, and ease of use especially for those trying to quit smoking. No one wants to hassle with something when they are trying to switch from something familiar to something new and often confusing, only to then learn it is useless a week later if they make it through the transition process!

    Not only that we wanted to walk you through from package to assembly, so you know what it takes to start vaping quickly and efficiently!

    As well we wanted to pick a starter kit that had expand-ability for when and if you wanted to upgrade in the future!

    Check out the video to see why Drag 2 Mini Starter Kit is the winner!

    Purchase your own at DirectVapor:
    Voopoo Drag 2 Mini:
    Replacement Coils:

    (they also price match!)

    We are also running a contest to win one of these starter kits in conjunction with DirectVapor, watch the video for details on how to win!

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    (they price match)

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    Voopoo Drag 2:
    Replacement Coils:

    Vaporesso Armour Pro:

    Vaporesso Polar:

    Vaporesso Cascade Tank:

    The best coils for vaporesso GT Mesh:

    Uwell Nunchaku:

    Nunchaku Coils: (I like the .25 coils)

    Crown 3:
    Crown 3 Coils: (I like the .50 coils)


    Battery Charger:

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