tr1age's Inventory

[TC] Sparkles!
[TC] 8-bit Hanzo
[TC] 8-bit Reaper
[TC] 8-bit Windowmaker
[TC] 8-bit Tracer
[TC] Blow me!
[TC] Tiny Tina
[TC] Turtle Power
Stuffing (November Only)
[TC] Hanzo
[TC] 8-bit Hanzo
[TC] Collect me you must, yess, mmmmm.
[TC] The mASS effect...
Pumpkin Treat bag (Halloween Exclusive)
Candy (Halloween Exclusive)
Trick or Treat Bag (Halloween Exclusive)
Candy Apple (Halloween Exclusive)
Candy Corn (Halloween Exclusive)
[TC] Happy Halloween! (October ONLY)
[TC] What in the holy hell...
[TC] Rainbow Poop
An "almost" Free Hug!
[TC] Winter is coming... seriously guys...
[TC] Travolta
[TC] Cast Magic Missile into the Darkness
A Twinkie
[TC] Such a Barbarian
[TC] Grenadiers EVERYWHERE
[TC] All the Things!
Arcade Champion 1st - Curveball
[TC] Can I have some shoes?
[TC] A NOD of Approval
[TC] Corp Por