What is a Premium Membership?

You may or may not have noticed, depending on what ad-blocker you use... we have added a few things to the site to help us monetarily as we invest more time and effort into making this site a truly one of a kind experience for everyone involved!

Introducing PREMIUM Supporter Membership:


Premium Supporter Membership Details:

Our Premium Supporter Membership gives you an Ad-Free Experience while giving you special privileges such as being able to:
-Edit your own title
-Edit your own signature.
-Increased Inbox Space from 25 to 500 messages
-Group messaging(unlimited recipients in one message)
-Auto-Response and Prefixes for Private Messages/Group Lists for multiple recipients
-Chat Box: Express yourself and Pick any color for your text. Also you can edit your own posts
As well you will be awarded a Special Achievement for your awesome contribution to help keep the site up and running! All upgrades purchased go directly to helping us maintain this site. We appreciate your support!

Other Upgrades:
There are a bunch of other upgrades and perks we have added as well, check out the link above to see them all!

The Ads:
We know Ads suck, but donations have been slowly trickling, which isn't the end of the world... We always appreciate donations but obviously will NEVER require them as times are tough and we don't expect anyone to give us handouts. We do however need a way to keep our overhead costs to a minimum on this end. So we have added some Ads to certain parts of the website. These can be removed through a Premium Membership or our Ad Removal Upgrade.

Grandfathered Upgrades:
For those of you who have been here since the beginning and really helped us to become what we are today, we have grandfathered you into having customizable "Titles" and "Signatures", because you have earned them and we do not believe in taking away what you already have to express yourself here.

Thank you all for understanding this obviously tricky integration of new features to the site. With growth comes the responsibility on our end to be able to keep up with it. We love this community and your happiness always comes first. We hope you continue to enjoy this site and all the amazing features yet to come!
Feb 18, 2013
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