How do I post info from another site or source

We here at AltTabMe love news and new information. Be it about our favorite up and coming video game, world events, or something you found that is incredibly interesting. We want you to share with us and by extension we can share with the world.

However, we do want to give credit where credit is due. If you find an article, post, or anything created by someone else and want to copy it to us instead of paraphrase, here is what we ask you to do.

You may copy the content to our site if you do the following things:
  1. Include the link to the original content in this format: Source: http://whatever the link is this can be at the bottom or top of the post, but MUST be there.
  2. Make sure the title is front page acceptable. (nothing NSFW and nothing too long and non descriptive) Using the title of the game it is for or the subject of the content is encouraged: I.E. World of Warcraft Releases 726361th patch!
  3. Try to include any pictures and or video that is relevant, especially any that is in the original content itself. This helps us promote the post on the front page, and its just prettier. Single links to resources are hard to have conversations about, since we have to go back and forth without the ability to quote and use forum functionality.
  4. Make sure the formatting is right or it is just a waste of space.
  5. Make sure to write tags in the box below the submit button to the left. Tags help Google find the article and anyone searching on this forum. Tags are separated by commas I.E. sourced content, cool, awesome pics,
  6. Feel free to add your take on the article, post, news, whatever, in your post. Your opinion counts too.
If you make a sourced post in this way, then we can promote it to the front page. This will get the original creator more exposure, along with our site. This also allows our members to read the content without having to worry about going off site to see it. Many can't or won't click links from their home or work computer. This will allow you to share the content with them.
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May 22, 2013
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